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Lesson 9: Christ or Self?



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1. The enemy, which the Bible calls "the flesh,"

    a) dwells in me.

    b) dwells outside of me.

2. The main characteristic of SELF is

    a) rebellion against other people.

    b) rebellion against God.

3. When the Lord Jesus came to live in my heart,

    a) SELF moved out.

    b) SELF did not move out.

4. My biggest problem is

    a) SELF.

    b) other people.

5. Whether we realize it or not, SELF is controlled by

    a) Satan.

    b) other people.

6. The Bible says God "condemned sin in the flesh." This means

    a) God said SELF was really bad.

    b) God put sinful SELF on the cross.

7. God wants me to

    a) try to keep SELF under control.

    b) agree with Him that SELF shall be put on the cross and kept there.

8. Regarding the sinful nature that still exists in me,

    a) God counts this as belonging to my old life. He always sees me as a new person in Christ.

    b) God counts this against me.

9. Satan has the power to put terrible thoughts into my mind,

    a) and I have to accept them.

    b) but I can refuse them and say to him, "Satan, these are your thoughts, not mine. I refuse them!"

10. In the battle that I have with SELF,

    a) God is for me!

    b) I must fight this battle by myself.

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