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Lesson 8: My Gift to God



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1. The gift from me that pleases God most is

    a) the gift of myself.

    b) the gift of my money.

2. Giving myself to the Lord means

    a) giving my life to the Lord, to do His will instead of my own.

    b) coming up front in church and promising God that I will be a better person.

3. The reason I should give myself to the Lord is

    a) because I belong to Him.

    b) because I want to be like other Christians whom I admire.

4. What was the price the Lord Jesus paid for me?

    a) He gave an angel to die for me.

    b) He shed His own precious blood for me.

5. Ownership means

    a) I have the use of something.

    b) something belongs to me.

6. Possession means

    a) something belongs to me.

    b) I have the use of something.

7. In order for the Lord to do what He wants to do with my life,

    a) He must have ownership of my life.

    b) He must have ownership and possession of my life.

8. My part in this is

    a) to give the Lord Jesus the possession of my life.

    b) to study the Bible, pray, tell others about Christ, and do Christian work.

9. What makes me want to give myself to the Lord Jesus?

    a) The love of Christ makes me want to do this.

    b) I want to be successful.

10. The question I must answer is:

    a) Do I really belong to the Lord Jesus?

    b) Have I given my life to the Lord Jesus?

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