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Lesson 7: God's Greatest Gift



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1. God's greatest gift to us is

    a) good health.

    b) Christ.

2. In his gospel, John emphasizes two great truths:

    a) Jesus Christ is God and Jesus Christ is the One who meets all our needs.

    b) Jesus Christ was the best man who ever lived and He will help us be better people.

3. The name "I AM" is a name that belongs

    a) only to very great people.

    b) only to God.

4. When God told Moses that His name was "I AM", He was saying to Moses,

    a) "Do the best you can and I will help you."

    b) "I am the One who will meet all your needs."

5. When Jesus took the name "I AM" to Himself, He was saying,

    a) "I am going to do miracles like God."

    b) "I am God."

6. God meets all my spiritual needs

    a) by giving me Christ to live in me.

    b) by giving Christ to help me be a better person.

7. When I need wisdom, I should

    a) turn to Christ; He knows exactly what I should do.

    b) get advice from other people.

8. God gives me Christ

    a) to be only my patience.

    b) to be whatever I need.

9. The truth is

    a) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will be with me if I pray enough.

    b) Jesus Christ, the Son of God, lives in me now, and He will never leave me.

10. I must not only know the truth,

    a) I must claim it for myself by making it my own.

    b) I must try harder to be a better person.

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