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Lesson 6: Christ is My Righteousness



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1. When Isaiah had a vision of God, what caused him to cry out, "Woe is me"?

    a) It was his sense of sinfulness. He knew that he did not have the righteousness he needed to be in the presence of the glorious and holy God.

    b) The light blinded him.

2. Forgiveness is

    a) feeling better about myself.

    b) getting rid of my sins.

3. Righteousness means

    a) I am better than most people.

    b) being "clothed" properly to come into God's presence.

4. What kind of righteousness does God accept?

    a) He accepts only a perfect righteousness.

    b) He accepts our righteousness if we try hard enough.

5. God made me perfectly righteous in His sight by

    a) putting me in Christ and giving Christ to me as my righteousness.

    b) covering up all my sins.

6. God's "best robe" for us is

    a) Christ.

    b) our good works.

7. My righteousness before God is

    a) all the good things I do.

    b) Christ Himself.

8. My "position" is

    a) the way I keep the commandments of God.

    b) the way God sees me in Christ.

9. My "walk" with Christ is

    a) the way I live, day by day.

    b) always perfect and without sin.

10. God always accepts me

    a) according to the way I live.

    b) according to the way He sees me in Christ.

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