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Lesson 2: I have a New Family!



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1. There are two very special men in the Bible. These two men are

    a) Adam and Moses.

    b) Adam and Christ.

2. Adam, God's "first man," was

    a) created by God and created in the image of God.

    b) the first man to come up from lower forms of life.

3. Why did God create man?

    a) He created man for His glory and for His pleasure.

    b) He wanted to see what wonderful things man could do.

4. God's first man, Adam,

    a) was deceived by Satan.

    b) was not deceived by Satan; he chose to disobey God.

5. The moment Adam disobeyed God

    a) he died spiritually.

    b) he died physically.

6. God's first man, Adam, produced

    a) a race of good people.

    b) a race of sinners.

7. God's second Man, Jesus Christ, pleased His Father

    a) always.

    b) most of the time.

8. God has made His Son, Jesus Christ, Head of

    a) a family of people who are better than Adam's family.

    b) God's new family called the children of God.

9. How can we get out of Adam's sinful family and into God's new family?

    a) We must be born again.

    b) We must keep the Ten Commandments.

10. We are born again

    a) by being baptized.

    b) by believing on the Lord Jesus and receiving Him as our Savior.

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