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Lesson 1: I have a Great Savior!



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1. The work of Christ on the cross is

    a) perfect and complete.

    b) perfect but not complete.

2. We learn what Christ has done for us in

    a) stories written about His life.

    b) the Word of God.

3. My part is to

    a) believe what God says in His Word.

    b) beg God to do something.

4. When I believe what God says in His Word,

    a) I simply gain more knowledge.

    b) the Holy Spirit makes real in me what Christ has done for me.

5. The universe

    a) came into being as the result of a giant explosion.

    b) was created by God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

6. God showed His perfect satisfaction with Christ's death on the cross for our sins by

    a) raising Jesus from the dead.

    b) speaking from Heaven.

7. When Jesus Christ returned to Heaven, God the Father gave Him

    a) a place of great honor.

    b) the place of highest honor.

8. If we could be taken to Heaven, the thing that would impress us most is

    a) the city made of pure gold.

    b) how Jesus is honored there.

9. You and I can be "overcomers" by

    a) becoming successful in the world.

    b) doing what God wants us to do.

10. To those who overcome, Jesus promised

    a) that they would sit with Him in His throne in Heaven.

    b) an easy time in the world.

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