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Lesson 12: Christ's Treasure



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1. Christ's treasure on earth is

    a) all the beautiful church buildings built in His honor.

    b) His people, His church.

2. The heavenly Church is composed of all believers

    a) from the Day of Pentecost until the end of this age.

    b) who are living today.

3. The heavenly Church is

    a) visible and real.

    b) invisible but real.

4. There is only one heavenly Church. How many local churches are there?

    a) Many.

    b) Few.

5. The early Christians met on

    a) Sunday, the first day of the week.

    b) Saturday, the last day of the week.

6. An ordinance is a ceremony which

    a) pictures a great spiritual truth.

    b) really has no special meaning.

7. Baptism is a ceremony which

    a) means that we are joining the church.

    b) pictures our death, burial and resurrection with Christ.

8. In the Old Testament who could be priests?

    a) Any man from any tribe of Israel.

    b) Only men from the tribe of Levi.

9. In the New Testament who are "priests"?

    a) All believers.

    b) Only those who are ordained as priests or pastors.

10. When Christ comes again,

    a) He will hold us responsible for the condition in which He finds us.

    b) He will be so glad to see us that He will not mind what condition we are in.

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