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Lesson 11: God's Great Plan



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1. God's great plan is

    a) to keep working on the human race until all people become good.

    b) to save people out of Adam's sinful family and unite them into one spiritual body called "the Church."

2. The word "church" as it is used in the Bible refers to

    a) a group of believers.

    b) a beautiful building.

3. Since Christ was in Heaven, how could He say that Saul was persecuting Him?

    a) Saul was persecuting the believers, His spiritual body.

    b) Saul was saying and doing things that were hurting Christ's heart.

4. The Church is

    a) the spiritual Body of Christ.

    b) a vast number of people who have been redeemed.

5. The Church came into being on the day

    a) Jesus rose from the dead.

    b) of Pentecost, fifty days after Christ's resurrection.

6. How did God deal with the hatred between Jews and Gentiles?

    a) He commanded them to stop hating one another.

    b) All believers—both Jews and Gentiles—were "crucified with Christ."

7. The Jewish and Gentile believers were

    a) kept separate.

    b) made one in Christ.

8. Of the Jewish and Gentile believers, God made

    a) the Jewish Church and the Gentile Church.

    b) "one new Man" — Jesus Christ the Head and all believers forming His Body.

9. Every person who receives Christ as Lord and Savior becomes a member of

    a) whatever church he chooses.

    b) the one Body of Christ.

10. God is making known His great wisdom and power by

    a) working to bring all religions of the world together.

    b) the Church, the Body of Christ.

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