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Lesson 10: Christ is My Life



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1. I have a new relationship with Christ which can be expressed in two simple sentences:

    a) I am in Christ. Christ is in me.

    b) I believe in Jesus. And He believes in me.

2. To be "a partaker of the divine life" means

    a) I can get help from Christ.

    b) I share Christ's life.

3. The vine and the branches

    a) are close together but they each have their own life.

    b) share one life.

4. We see that the branch is in the vine. This teaches us

    a) we are connected to Christ.

    b) we are in Christ, joined to Him in a living relationship.

5. The life of the vine is in the branches. This teaches us that

    a) we have Christ to help us.

    b) Christ is in us.

6. The secret of the Christian life is that

    a) Christ is my life.

    b) Christ is always near to help me.

7. God's way of dealing with my old life was

    a) to teach me how to live a better life.

    b) to put me in Christ on the cross.

8. The solution to the problem of SELF

    a) is to take myself out of the way so Christ can live His life in me.

    b) is to try to improve SELF.

9. The secret of living is

    a) counting on Christ who lives in me.

    b) fighting the devil with all the power I have.

10. When I fail,

    a) I can confess my sin and have victory again instantly.

    b) it will take some time before I can have victory again.

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