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Lesson 8 Questions

My Great Savior



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1. When God’s Son came into the world,

    a) He was rejected.

    b) He was accepted.

2. When Christ rose from the grave,

    a) He had a body just like that of the three people He raised from the dead.

    b) He had a glorious, new resurrection body, different from anything seen before.

3. The Father welcomed His Son home to glory and gave Him

    a) a place of great honor and power.

    b) the place of greatest honor and power.

4. The coming of the Holy Spirit proved to the disciples

    a) that the Man Jesus Christ was now glorified and exalted in heaven.

    b) that now they could speak in other languages.

5. We have learned a great secret:

    a) that the world will increasingly honor Jesus Christ.

    b) that Jesus Christ has been rejected in this world, but He has been exalted to the highest place in heaven.

6. If we could be lifted out of this world and taken to heaven, the thing that would impress us most is

    a) that Jesus Christ has the place of greatest honor and power in heaven.

    b) the beauty of the mansions and the streets of gold.

7. It is a great blessing

    a) to be able to impress people with our Bible knowledge.

    b) to be able to see God’s wonders in the spiritual realm connected with the glorified Christ.

8. The Man, Jesus Christ, is now on the throne of heaven, and

    a) He will be for us only when we get to heaven.

    b) He is for His believers here on earth now.

9. The Holy Spirit is given to

    a) every believer.

    b) special believers.

10. The Holy Spirit testifies

    a) of Himself and His glory.

    b) of Christ and His glory.

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