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Lesson 3 Questions

The Way of Victory



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1. The three great enemies of the Christian are

    a) the world, the flesh, and the devil.

    b) lust, pride and selfishness.

2. To draw us away from loving God and doing His will, Satan uses

    a) the ugly things of the world.

    b) the attractive things of the world.

3. If I really love the Lord Jesus,

    a) it doesn't matter where I go, what I watch, or what I listen to.

    b) I will not do things that hurt His heart.

4. When the Lord Jesus came to live in my heart,

    a) SELF did not move out.

    b) SELF moved out.

5. Whether I realize it or not,

    a) SELF is controlled by Satan.

    b) SELF is controlled by what other people say and do.

6. Why does Christ have the right to be King in my life?

    a) Because He is so great.

    b) Because I belong to Him; He "bought" me with His own blood.

7. Satan destroys people by

    a) deceiving them.

    b) making them do wrong things.

8. Satan's "Big Lie" is this:

    a) Sin will make you happy, and there are no bad consequences.

    b) It is not really wrong because everybody is doing it.

9. The secret of victory over Satan is

    a) trying our very best to defeat him.

    b) obeying the Lord Jesus and trusting Him to give us victory.

10. When we sin, we should

    a) confess that sin to God at once and believe that He has forgiven us.

    b) ignore it but try to do better next time.

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