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A Country Called Heaven series


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A Country Called Heaven

Lesson 2 Questions

What is God like?



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1. From the Bible we learn that God is

    a) one God in three persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    b) three different persons.

2. How did the universe come into being?

    a) It came into being by itself.

    b) God created it.

3. Of all that God created, what does God love most?

    a) The beautiful stars.

    b) People.

4. God can be everywhere at the same time because

    a) He is God and He is Spirit.

    b) He can travel so fast.

5. Because God is almighty,

    a) He has a lot of power in Heaven and earth.

    b) He has all power in Heaven and earth.

6. Because God is all-wise,

    a) He knows almost everything.

    b) He knows everything, even our thoughts.

7. Because God is holy and righteous,

    a) He can overlook our sins.

    b) He cannot overlook our sins.

8. We know that God loves us because

    a) He gave His Son to die for us.

    b) we feel like He does.

9. Because God's Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross, God forgives the sins of

    a) all who take Jesus as their Savior.

    b) all who are religious and do the best they can.

10. Saving faith comes from

    a) careful attention to God's exact statements in His Word.

    b) having a good feeling about yourself.

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