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A Country Called Heaven series


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A Country Called Heaven

Lesson 1 Questions

The Five Steps



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1. Jesus is

    a) one of the ways to God.

    b) the only way to God.

2. To get on the narrow road that leads to Heaven, we must

    a) become religious.

    b) repent and take Jesus as our Savior.

3. To repent means

    a) to be truly sorry for our sins and turn from them.

    b) to be sad that we got caught.

4. The first step in becoming a child of God is

    a) to accept what God says about me.

    b) to stop sinning.

5. In John 3:16 when God says "the world," He means

    a) everyone in the world.

    b) a few special people.

6. When God says "whoever," He means

    a) those who are naturally good.

    b) anyone.

7. To become a child of God, I must

    a) come as a sinner to the Lord Jesus and receive Him as my Savior.

    b) try to become a better person.

8. We are saved

    a) by what we do for God.

    b) by what God has done for us in the Person of His Son.

9. If I have taken Jesus as my Savior, I can know that I am saved because

    a) I have a wonderful feeling.

    b) God says so in His Word.

10. The Christian life

    a) will be easy here on earth.

    b) will not be easy here on earth.

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