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Lesson 15 Questions

How to Enjoy God



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1. God’s purpose for His believers for eternity is

    a) that we live with other believers in mansions on the streets of gold.

    b) that we live with Him and the Lord Jesus in "the Father’s house."

2. By Christ’s death I am entitled

    a) to live in "the Father’s house" when I die.

    b) to live in "the Father’s house" now.

3. Christ died for us, that whether we live or die,

    a) we should live with other believers.

    b) we should live together with Him.

4. "The Father’s house" for me now is

    a) living in such good circumstances that I am always happy.

    b) living in the presence of God, enjoying His love.

5. In his body the Christian lives in this world, but in his spirit

    a) he is united to Christ in heaven.

    b) he can imagine what it will be like to live in heaven some day.

6. The Holy Spirit has come down from the glorified Christ

    a) to give us wonderful feelings of joy and happiness.

    b) to bring us into the enjoyment of "the Father’s house" now.

7. If we are saying "No" to God in a single matter,

    a) we will not enjoy God nor make any progress in the Christian life.

    b) we will get along well provided we are agreeing with Him in other matters.

8. To enjoy God,

    a) you need only be right with Him.

    b) you must be right with God and be right with other people.

9. God wants

    a) to make us as happy as possible in this life.

    b) to make Christ everything to us.

10. A daily Quiet Time with God is

    a) nice if you can find time for it, but not necessary.

    b) absolutely essential if you want to enjoy God and have your life count for Him.

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