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Lesson 14 Questions

Victory over Circumstances



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1. Victory over our circumstances comes from

    a) changing them the best way we can.

    b) seeing them from God’s point of view.

2. Has God promised to keep His children from problems, hardships and suffering?

    a) Yes, He has, in His many promises to us in the Bible.

    b) No, He has not.

3. To be chastened by God means

    a) to be corrected by Him because He loves us.

    b) to be punished by Him because He is angry with us.

4. When we are chastened by God, we can glorify Him

    a) by seeing that He is right in chastening us and telling Him this.

    b) by telling Him we are sorry we did wrong, but it was not really our fault.

5. Because God is sovereign,

    a) He causes all things, except what evil people do, to accomplish His purposes.

    b) He causes all things to serve Him and accomplish His purposes.

6. God’s goal for us in this life is

    a) to make us happy and successful.

    b) to conform us to the image of His Son.

7. God conforms us to "the image of His Son"

    a) by making things as easy as possible for us.

    b) through difficult circumstances and the discipline of the Holy Spirit.

8. God’s will comes to us in two forms:

    a) His direct will and His permissive will.

    b) His commandments and His desires for us.

9. Whatever God permits to come to me

    a) may be for my good by the time it reaches me.

    b) will be for my good by the time it reaches me.

10. The Christian’s secret of a joyful life is

    a) getting all my circumstances right.

    b) seeing God in all my circumstances.

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