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Lesson 13 Questions

I am a Son of God



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1. We are saved by

    a) what we do for God.

    b) what God has done for us in the Person of His Son.

2. God gives me a perfect righteousness

    a) the moment I get to heaven.

    b) the moment I take Christ as my Savior.

3. God’s great purpose is that we shall be holy and without blame before Him as

    a) His faithful servants.

    b) His sons and daughters.

4. The best robe, the ring and the sandals

    a) made the father love his son and delight in him.

    b) made the son conscious that his father loved and delighted in him.

5. To be "reconciled to God" means

    a) that we have been made suitable to God.

    b) that God is no longer angry with us.

6. How does God give us the means to live like His sons/daughters?

    a) He gives us many commandments telling us how we should live.

    b) He gives us the Spirit of His Son to live in us.

7. As sons/daughters of God we are to

    a) represent the Lord Jesus Christ here where He is rejected.

    b) correct all the things we see around us that are wrong.

8. Denying "ungodliness and worldly lusts" means

    a) turning our back on the world with its pride, wealth, lusts and glittering attractions.

    b) saying that "ungodliness and worldly lusts" do not exist.

9. To live "soberly" means

    a) to avoid being drunk.

    b) to live humbly and thoughtfully.

10. Living "righteously" means

    a) being right with God and being right with other people.

    b) never sinning.

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