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Lesson 12 Questions

Christ Lives in Me



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1. There are two aspects of God’s great salvation:

    a) I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

    b) I believe in Christ and Christ believes in me.

2. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, they knew two things:

    a) that Jesus was glorified in heaven and that He had come back to live in them by His Spirit.

    b) that Jesus was alive and that He would soon come back in His body to be with them as before.

3. It was better that Christ came back in the Spirit

    a) because it meant that He would soon come again in His body.

    b) because it was not the earthly Christ but the glorified Christ with all His power and glory.

4. When Christ comes to us in the Spirit, it means that

    a) every believer can have Christ all to himself.

    b) we don’t have to be afraid of displeasing Him.

5. God meets all my spiritual needs

    a) by giving me good teachers to help me.

    b) by giving me Christ to live in me.

6. God has blessed us in heavenly places in Christ

    a) with many spiritual blessings.

    b) with all spiritual blessings.

7. I have everything I need in Christ in heaven, but how do I get it down here?

    a) By praying and asking God to help me be a better Christian.

    b) By the Holy Spirit.

8. The truth is

    a) that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will be with me if I pray hard enough.

    b) that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, now lives in me by His Spirit.

9. I must not only know the truth, but

    a) I must claim it for myself by making it personal.

    b) I must try harder to live better.

10. To "live the truth" means

    a) to believe in myself.

    b) to live, counting on Christ in me.

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