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Lesson 10 Questions

A New Person in Christ



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1. When God looked at me in my sinful condition, He saw

    a) my many sins and He saw a sinner in Satan’s kingdom of darkness.

    b) my many sins and He saw me as just another person on earth.

2. In seeking to get right with God, we should

    a) begin with ourselves and work our way to God.

    b) begin with God and what He has done for us in the Person of His Son.

3. God dealt with my sins by

    a) laying them on His Son.

    b) just forgiving me because He is so loving.

4. How did God deal with me, the sinner?

    a) He just accepted the fact that I was a sinner.

    b) He put me in Christ on the cross.

5. Once God put me in Christ, whatever happened to Him

    a) also happened to me because I was in Christ.

    b) had no effect on me.

6. I was "crucified with Christ"

    a) to help me become a better person.

    b) so that my old sinful life might be ended.

7. I was raised with Christ

    a) as a new person in Christ.

    b) as a much better person in Christ.

8. God has transferred me out of Satan’s kingdom of darkness and into

    a) the kingdom of His dear Son.

    b) the kingdoms of this world.

9. The thing that gives me real peace concerning my sins is realizing that

    a) God has decided to overlook my sins.

    b) God is perfectly satisfied with the sacrifice which He Himself has provided.

10. What does God want me to do?

    a) God wants me to love and appreciate the One who died for me.

    b) God wants me to live a perfect life from now on.

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