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The Boy & the Cabin series 2


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The Boy & the Cabin

Series 2

A true story—the boy in the cabin becomes a teenager.

Written by Vaughan Durston, Founder of U.B. David & I'll B. Jonathan Inc.

Lesson 8: What are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?

It was a good question

At seventeen, Con and I thought we were grown up and yet every once in a while we would be asked the question as to what we were going to do when we grew up. Usually they wanted to know if we were going to be farmers.

It was a good question, and when I look back there are a number of things that have determined where I am today. One was becoming a Christian, secondly deciding who I would marry, and thirdly what I would do with my life.

The truth is that in every one of these areas we need to ask God. Remember, in the cabin Campbells taught us that God knows everything. Wow! Often folk do not ask God and live the rest of their life wondering what would have happened if they had.

asking myself all the time the question everyone else kept asking concerning my future

I spent a year working on the farm after high school, asking myself all the time the question everyone else kept asking concerning my future. Dad by now had seven and a quarter sections of land and was considered a big farmer in those days. He had in mind that all of his boys would be farmers.

"If you want to be farmers I'll get you a house and a section of land, but if you don't then that is up to you," was the way he put it.

Mr. Campbell was suggesting that we should ask God what we should do. There wasn't anything wrong with farming if that was what God wanted for us. You can tell what God wants you to do by waiting on Him and asking Him for peace concerning a decision.

I felt like it would be nice if God would tell me what He wanted me to do and I would decide if I wanted to do it or not. The problem is, God doesn't work that way. His way is, "you tell me if you will do what I want you to do and then I'll tell you what I want you to do." Wow! Give my life to God by faith? Yes! This caused me to go over again who God was. He is faithful, all knowing, wise, He knows the end from the beginning, wants my good, is all powerful, omnipresent, and stays closer than a brother.

There was one person who really spoke to me and that was Abraham

I had read Hebrews chapter eleven which told about men and women of faith. There was one person who really spoke to me and that was Abraham and what God said to him in Genesis chapter twelve:

"Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee… I will bless thee... and thou shalt be a blessing… and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."

What a promise! Of course his being a blessing had to do with Jesus Christ and if I was going to be a blessing it would be through sharing Jesus Christ with others.

I started to pray about this, and in the light of my Dad's seemingly good desire for me, it was a big decision. Actually God was just asking for the first step. Abraham could have said, "God tell me where are we going." This thought about being willing to do what Abraham did became something that I thought about daily.

I was cutting alfalfa hay with a tractor and mower

I remember where I said yes and I could take you to the place. I was cutting alfalfa hay with a tractor and mower in the southwest quarter of section 11-24-19. It was a big decision and brought real peace. It was a decision that I would go one year to Bible College and when I made that decision God began to show me where. My twin Con was asking the same question and we went to Bible College together.

This decision changed the whole direction of my life

As I look back I see now what a big decision it was. This decision changed the whole direction of my life. God could have told me to farm and that would have been fine but first God wanted me to give the choice to Him. If you really know who God is, it is not too difficult a decision.

If you are a teenager, you could well have had some of the same experiences as I have had. What would you say if God asked you if you would do what He wanted you to do? "Maybe" will not do. Take some time to think about it. There are many things that happened for good in my life as a result of this decision.

About the time my twin and I were thinking about going to Briercrest Bible College, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell were thinking of moving to another cabin many miles away. God was leading them too. We were going to miss them and would remember for the rest of our lives the things that they taught us. The Campbells knew the Lord, saw the works of the Lord, and did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord. God blessed them, made them a blessing, and people in the generations to come received the fruit of their obedience. I could tell you of some of the answers to prayer that they received as evidence that the Lord was with them.

Con and I would soon be finding cabins like the Campbells did, and we would be developing places where others could learn about God. We will tell you about this later. Meanwhile keep coming to this cabin on the Internet, doing lessons and you too will learn about God.


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