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The Boy & the Cabin series 2


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The Boy & the Cabin

Series 2

Lesson 1: Finding the Mirror



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1. When we got to the cabin we found something on the table. It was...

    a) a plate of cookies.

    b) a mirror.

    c) a bowl of cherries.

2. When you are self conscious you worry about...

    a) your nose.

    b) your ears.

    c) your size.

    d) all of the above.

3. As twins if you liked the looks of your mirror you could spend time…

    a) looking alike.

    b) looking different.

4. Hugh Campbell wanted us to look at...

    a) the heart.

    b) the outward appearance.

5. When we went to the cabin...

    a) we got points.

    b) we learned many things about God.

6. Saul became a Christian...

    a) on the road to Damascus.

    b) at home in his house.

7. Vaughan became a Christian...

    a) in Sunday School.

    b) at a Bible camp.

8. At camp we were told that...

    a) God loves us.

    b) we have all sinned.

    c) Jesus died for our sins.

    d) all of the above.

9. At the camp fire, if we wanted to become a Christian...

    a) we were to stand to our feet.

    b) we were to remain seated.

10. Have you received Jesus Christ as your Saviour?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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