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Listen to Your Conscience

Lesson 6: Listen to Your Conscience



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1. When we are right with God and right with others we have

    a) a guilty conscience.

    b) a clear conscience.

2. To make things right with God, we must

    a) confess our sins to Him.

    b) go to church and do good things.

3. If we want to have a clear conscience we must

    a) make things right with those we have offended.

    b) not be concerned if we have offended someone.

4. The best way to apologize is

    a) to ask someone else to tell the person you offended that you are sorry.

    b) to go to the person you offended and speak to him or her alone.

5. To apologize correctly, you should

    a) tell the person you are sorry, but it wasn't really your fault.

    b) say what you did wrong, not blame anyone else, ask the person to forgive you and wait for his answer.

6. An example of the right way to apologize is saying,

    a) "I'm sorry I lost my temper, but you made me do it."

    b) "I'm sorry I lost my temper. Will you forgive me?"

7. If you stole from someone, you should

    a) ask for forgiveness and return what you stole.

    b) just ask the person to forgive you.

8. If you have offended someone,

    a) you can make up for it by doing something nice for them.

    b) you should go to that person and ask them to forgive you.

9. If you were partly wrong and the other person was partly wrong

    a) you do not have to apologize to them.

    b) you are still responsible to apologize for your part.

10. If your conscience tells you that you are wrong,

    a) listen to your conscience!

    b) ask someone else what they think about it.

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