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Obeying God's Delegated Authorities

Lesson 5: Obeying God's Delegated Authorities



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1. The person who says in his heart, "I don't care what God says; I will do what I want to do," is living his life by

    a) the way of rebellion.

    b) the way of obedience.

2. When God puts someone over us, that person is

    a) no different from anyone else.

    b) God's delegated authority.

3. To disobey someone who represents God's authority is

    a) not so bad.

    b) the same as disobeying God.

4. Some examples of people who are God's delegated authorities are

    a) your friends and classmates.

    b) your parents and teachers.

5. In the home, the children

    a) are to be under the authority of no one.

    b) are to be under the authority of their parents.

6. When a child goes to one parent and asks to do something and that parent says "No," the child should

    a) accept that answer and obey.

    b) go to the other parent to ask the same thing.

7. When the Bible says to "honor" your parents, it means

    a) to complain and argue when they tell you to do something.

    b) to respect and obey your parents.

8. In school you are to obey your teacher

    a) whether or not you like that teacher.

    b) only if you like that teacher.

9. Any time anyone tells you to do something that is against God's commandments

    a) you should do it but ask God to forgive you.

    b) you should tell that person you cannot do it because God does not want you to.

10. The way you treat people who represent God's authority is

    a) not important.

    b) the way you treat God.

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