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Learning to Accept Myself

Lesson 3: Learning to Accept Myself



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1. What you think about yourself

    a) is not really important.

    b) affects your happiness and everything you do.

2. Our happiness in life depends on

    a) how beautiful or handsome we are.

    b) how smart we are.

    c) our attitude—the way we think about things.

3. The truth about us is that

    a) we were created by God and created in the image of God.

    b) we came up from lower forms of animal life by the slow process of evolution.

4. To look down on other people and make fun of them

    a) is all right if they are different from you.

    b) is something that God really does not like.

5. To look down on yourself or make fun of yourself

    a) is just as wrong as looking down on someone else or making fun of him.

    b) is all right since it is you and not someone else.

6. When you think that you are not worth much, you are

    a) believing Satan's lie.

    b) just facing the facts about yourself.

7. In the Bible God tells us

    a) to be content with the way He made us and not to compare ourselves with others.

    b) to compare ourselves with others so we can feel sorry for ourselves.

8. To be bitter and resentful about yourself

    a) is all right because you have a right to feel this way.

    b) is a sin.

9. The way to become a personal friend of God is

    a) to take the Lord Jesus as your Savior.

    b) to be as good as you can and go to church often.

10. Our happiness in life depends on

    a) our attitude — the way we think about things.

    b) how beautiful we are, how smart we are, and how much money we have.

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