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this lesson is written by The Mailbox Club International

presents the Think Right series


UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

under a special agreement with

The Mailbox Club presents

Think Right series

Lesson 1: Think Right, Do Right, Feel Right



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1. The kind of person you will be is determined by

    a) your looks and how smart you are.

    b) what you think and believe.

2. What we think determines what we do and how we feel.

    a) True.

    b) False.

3. When we think right thoughts we

    a) do right things and have right feelings.

    b) are unhappy.

4. When we think wrong thoughts, we do wrong things and

    a) we have right feelings.

    b) we have wrong feelings.

5. Adam and Eve disobeyed God because

    a) they believed Satan's lie.

    b) they didn't know any better.

6. Satan uses the things of this world—movies, television, business, and other things—

    a) to put wrong thoughts into our minds.

    b) to put right thoughts into our minds.

7. The idea that a person must have good looks, be smart, and have a lot of money to be worth something comes from

    a) the Bible.

    b) Satan's world-system.

8. In His Word God tells us

    a) that He loves and respects only certain people.

    b) that He loves and respects every person.

9. Wisdom is

    a) thinking right thoughts and making right decisions.

    b) doing what everybody else is doing.

10. Two ways to get wisdom are

    a) from television and from our friends.

    b) from God and from God's Word.

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