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UB David + I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

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The Mailbox Club presents

Storytime Series 2

Series 2 Lesson 3


The Biggest Apple


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1. King David and his people were happy because they were giving to God

    a) sadly.

    b) willingly.

2. The people gave their gifts with all of their

    a) hearts.

    b) heads.

    c) eyes.

3. The Lord Jesus said, "It is more blessed

    a) to give than to receive."

    b) to receive than to give."

4. What would God want you to share?

    a) A broken toy.

    b) A cookie.

    c) A torn, dirty book.

5. In our story who wanted the best and the biggest?

    a) Mary.

    b) Debbie.

6. Mary finally learned to share. What did she have in a paper sack to share with Debbie and Randy?

    a) Peanuts.

    b) Chocolate drops.

7. When our memory verse says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" it means that

    a) we should always want things and not give things to others.

    b) we get more happiness from giving to others than we do from receiving something for ourselves.

8. God likes the kind of sharing where

    a) something is shared willingly.

    b) something is given because we have to.

9. The hardest things to share are

    a) things we don't like any more.

    b) special things we want for ourselves.

10. It is best to be a

    a) cheerful giver.

    b) grumpy giver.

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