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Explorers Series 2

Series 2 Lesson 9

My Enemy, Satan



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1. Satan is a terrible enemy, but I do not have to be afraid of him

    a) because he cannot harm me.

    b) because Christ lives in me.

2. The way Satan destroys people is

    a) by deceiving them.

    b) by making them do wrong things.

3. Satan tempts us

    a) at our weak point.

    b) at our strong point.

4. Satan's "Big Lie" is this:

    a) Sin will make you happy and there will be no bad consequences.

    b) It is not really wrong because everybody is doing it.

5. When we trust Christ and obey Him,

    a) Satan will no longer try to deceive us.

    b) we do not have to fear Satan.

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