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Explorers Series 2

Series 2 Lesson 7

My Enemy, 'the World'



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1. In the beginning, God put

    a) angels in charge of the world.

    b) Adam in charge of the world.

2. When Adam rebelled against God,

    a) it did not really change anything much.

    b) he took sides with Satan and came under Satan's rule.

3. What is Satan's world-system like?

    a) It hates God, it hates God's Son, and it hates God's people.

    b) It likes God and tries to please Him.

4. God wants His believers

    a) to live like ungodly people so we can win them to Christ.

    b) to be separate from ungodly people, but try to win them to Christ.

5. If I really love the Lord Jesus,

    a) it does not matter where I go, what I watch, and what I listen to.

    b) I will not want to do things that hurt His heart.

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