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Explorers Series 1

Series 1 Lesson 11

A New Person in Christ



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1. When God looked at me in my unsaved condition, He saw…

    a) a nice person who was trying to do right.

    b) my many sins, and He saw me as a sinner in Satan's kingdom of darkness.

2. God delivered me from my sins

    a) by laying all my sins on His Son on the cross.

    b) by pretending not to know about them.

3. God delivered me from my sinful SELF

    a) by helping me to become a better person.

    b) by putting me in Christ on the cross.

4. When Christ died on the cross,

    a) I "died" with Him. When He rose from the grave, I "rose" with Him as a new person in Christ.

    b) that was the end of His life.

5. The secret of living the Christian life is

    a) trying my hardest to be good.

    b) saying "No" to SELF and letting Christ live His life in me.

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