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The Boy from Brooklyn

Lesson 5: From Brooklyn Streets to the Amazon Jungle



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1. In which country did Marion grow up?

    a) Mexico.

    b) Canada.

2. When she was young how did Marion and her sister go to school in the winter?

    a) In a covered sled pulled by two horses.

    b) On a dogsled pulled by four husky dogs.

3. What important thing did Marion do when she was seven?

    a) She trusted Jesus to be her Savior.

    b) She learned how to draw pictures.

4. To what country did John and Marion go with their four children?

    a) Liberia, Africa.

    b) Colombia, South America.

5. What did the jungle people love to eat?

    a) Monkey meat and palm fruit.

    b) Hot dogs and hamburgers.

6. What was the saddest thing about the jungle people?

    a) They didn't have cars.

    b) They had never heard about Jesus.

7. Were the jungle men friendly towards the missionaries in the beginning?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

8. What flew all around the missionaries when they rowed away from the shore?

    a) Butterflies.

    b) Poison darts.

9. Why did John and his missionary friends try to make friends with the jungle people?

    a) They wanted this tribe to know Jesus.

    b) They wanted to teach this tribe how to use electricity.

What is one thing you have learned from these lessons about the Brooklyn Boy?

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