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Series 1
Lesson 6: You Can Become a Child of God

You Can Become a Child of God



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1. To be saved means that

    a) I am a really good person who does not sin any more.

    b) God has forgiven me of my sins and made me His child.

2. Can I be saved by being good?

    a) No, I cannot.

    b) Yes, if I try hard enough.

3. Can children be saved?

    a) No, they must wait until they grow up.

    b) Yes, they can, if they take Jesus as their Savior.

4. Which is Step #3 in the steps to salvation?

    a) God loves me.

    b) Christ died for me.

    c) I have sinned.

5. What does God mean when He says He loves the world?

    a) He means everyone.

    b) He means the planet earth.

6. When I take the Lord Jesus as my Savior

    a) it means that someday I will become an angel in Heaven.

    b) it means that I become a child of God.

7. Why does Jesus want to come into your heart?

    a) So that He can forgive all your sins and and make you a child of God.

    b) So that you'll become His servant, and do whatever He tells you to do.

8. Does Jesus always keep His word?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

9. The memory verse in this lesson says, "He who believes on the Son…

    a) never sins again."

    b) goes straight to Heaven."

    c) has everlasting life."

10. Have you personally taken all the 5 steps we learned about in this lesson?

    a) Yes.

    b) No, not yet.

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