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Series 1
Lesson 3: Where Did Sin Come From?

Where Did Sin Come From?



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1. Sin came into the world because

    a) Adam and Eve did not know what God wanted them to do.

    b) Adam and Eve disobeyed God.

2. Where did Satan come from?

    a) God created him like he is today.

    b) God created him as a beautiful angel, but he rebelled against God.

3. Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God,

    a) they could no longer live with God.

    b) they could do what they wanted to do.

4. When Adam and Eve had children,

    a) the children had no sin in their hearts.

    b) the children had sinful hearts just like their parents.

5. When a lamb died for a person’s sins,

    a) it was a "picture" showing that, one day, the Lord Jesus would die for our sins.

    b) it was something people did to make them feel better.

6. What form did Satan take in the Garden of Eden?

    a) A roaring lion.

    b) A rat.

    c) A serpent.

7. Does Satan ever have some of the truth mixed in with his lies?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

8. Satan's name means

    a) "trickster."

    b) "enemy."

    c) "serpent."

9. Why did Maria want to sing at the retirement home?

    a) She wanted to show off how well she could sing.

    b) She wanted to see her grandmother there.

10. What did Maria give Susan if she agreed to tell a lie?

    a) Her dark red sweater.

    b) Her favorite CD.

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