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"I sincerely believe unless something is done now to change the spiritual state of our young people—you will become the last Christian generation." (Josh McDowell— "The Last Christian Generation")


Postmodern belief influences today's young people and guides much of their behavior:

* there is no objective universal truth;

* truth is relative to our culture;

* we are products of our culture;

* so our culture conditions us to believe the way we do.

"Our young people have a distorted view of what makes things right and wrong. They have lost the universal standard for what is moral and ethical, and the result is a culture of young people vulnerable not only to wrong thinking but also to the destructive consequences of wrong behavior." (Josh McDowell)

This is true of young people from Christian homes too. Studies done by The Nehemiah Institute reveal that 85% of youth from Christian homes do not embrace a biblical worldview.

"The majority of our young people appear to neither understand who the true God is nor the true meaning of Christianity." (McDowell)

In studies done by researcher George Barna 91% of evangelical Christian kids said, "There is no truth apart from myself."

No wonder Barna believes that "ministry to children is the single most strategic ministry in God's kingdom" and that "the greatest hope for the local church lies in raising godly children."

U.B. David + I'll B. Jonathan Inc. helps camps, parents, churches and organizations in the vital task of…Growing Godly Kids.

The Program

D&J provides free Bible studies specifically graded for ages 5 through adult. Lessons primarily from The Mailbox Club cover a wide range of doctrine, Bible knowledge and topical life issues, focusing on biblical truths centered on a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This variety of lessons is distributed through the mail and especially via the Internet with approximately 800 online lessons in English, Spanish and French.

Our Students

Many of our thousands of students are children and teens. And about 60% of them are unchurched. For them, these lessons may be the only Christian influence they get. And for Christian youth, the D&J program helps build a solid, biblical worldview.

An Award System

A unique award system encourages students to keep on with their lessons, so they can benefit from the excellent content. With each lesson or book completed students receive points which earn them beautiful certificates, subsidies to camps and youth retreats, and even Bible College scholarships.

Why this unusual Name?

"U.B. David"…invites anyone to use these lessons for personal spiritual development.

"I'll B. Jonathan"…invites committed believers to help make this discipling program effective for all the "Davids".

The model is David and Jonathan in the Old Testament. David became a man "after God's own heart".

Jonathan was the supportive friend helping David become great.

U.B. David—there are thousands of modern-day young people with potential to be "Davids".

I'll B. Jonathan—and many of us can be Jonathans to help them become godly men and women.

U.B. David & I'll B. Jonathan Inc. is a co-mission partnering with others who have a heart for children and their spiritual well-being.

Our Mission: "developing young people after God's own heart".

Our Vision: "to see Jesus seated on the throne of every 'David' and ruling over all the aspects of their life."

Our Method: Jonathans building up Davids.

Growing up godly in today's society is tough! Our kids need all the help they can get. George Barna says, "As you ponder how to invest your personal resources of all types… keep in mind that there is no better investment than nurturing our youngsters for an eternal payback."

We invite you to partner with us in "Growing Godly Kids".


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