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1. How did God deliver me from my sinful SELF?

    a) By putting me in Christ on the cross.

    b) By giving me the Ten Commandments so I would know how to live here on earth.

2. When Christ rose from the dead, I rose with Him

    a) as a much better person.

    b) as a new person in God's new creation.

3. Israel's crossing the Red Sea

    a) had no particular meaning.

    b) is a type of baptism: they went into a place of death, and came up in a new land.

4. Baptism by immersion is

    a) a picture of our death, burial, and resurrection with Christ.

    b) an ordinance which just means that you are joining the church.

5. What did the people of Israel especially learn from their Red Sea experience?

    a) They learned that God will help His people any time they cry out to Him.

    b) They learned that God is a Savior-God and He is always for His people.

6. The first thing the people of Israel did after crossing the Red Sea was:

    a) they sang unto the Lord.

    b) they prepared a great feast.

7. The children of Israel sang about

    a) their triumphant Lord.

    b) how they had defeated Pharaoh with God's help.

8. We are saved

    a) by what God has done for us in the Person of His Son.

    b) by what we do for God in living a good life and doing good works.

9. Can we say, "Whatever happens, I know one thing for sure: God is for me!"?

    a) No.

    b) Yes.

10. In the way in which God leads His people

    a) all things are usually smooth and easy.

    b) all things are not smooth and easy.

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