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1. Abraham turned his back on the city which men were building for their glory

    a) because God had told him about a city which God was building for His glory.

    b) because he thought he could build a better city than what the people were building.

2. God's new world will come into being

    a) when Christ comes.

    b) when men learn to love one another.

3. God's covenant with Abraham contained three mighty promises:

    a) a great nation, a promised land, and a promised Savior.

    b) a long life, good health, and great riches.

4. The greatest honor which God bestowed on Abraham was

    a) making him fabulously rich.

    b) choosing Abraham and his descendants as the family through which the promised Savior would come.

5. What we learn from Lot is: If we choose for ourselves,

    a) we will have a happy and successful life.

    b) we will end up with a disastrous life.

6. The principle that marked Abraham's life was

    a) hard work.

    b) faith.

7. The fact that Jesus is "the Lamb of God" teaches us that

    a) Jesus is the only way to God.

    b) Jesus is a way to God, but there are other ways as well.

8. If I have trusted Christ as "my Lamb," I get peace about my sins by

    a) realizing that God is perfectly satisfied with the Sacrifice which He Himself provided.

    b) just not thinking any more about them.

9. Abraham's servant going to a far country to seek a bride for Abraham's son is

    a) just an interesting story with no particular meaning.

    b) a beautiful picture of God's sending the Holy Spirit into the world to secure a bride for His Son.

10. We are saved

    a) by what we do for God.

    b) by what God has done for us in the Person of His Son.

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