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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 8: The Little Maid and Her Master

The Little Maid and Her Master



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1. What happened to the little Hebrew Maid?

    a) She was taken away from her family by soldiers.

    b) She ran away from home, and was later found by a soldier.

2. What had caused her mistress to weep?

    a) The little Hebrew Maid had done something terribly wrong.

    b) She had found out that her husband Naaman had leprosy.

3. What remedy did the little Hebrew Maid suggest for his leprosy?

    a) Go see a priest.

    b) Go see God's servant, Elisha.

4. What happened when Naaman did what she suggested?

    a) He was healed of his disease.

    b) He died.

5. Who did Naaman say made him well?

    a) The little Hebrew Maid.

    b) The God of Elisha.

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