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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 5: The King who built the Temple

The King who built the Temple



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1. What wish did the young King Solomon have?

    a) To build a great Temple.

    b) To build a great city for everyone to live in.

2. Which of these were the main materials needed to build the Temple?

    a) Rubies and diamonds.

    b) White stone and cedar-wood.

3. Which king supplied some of these materials to King Solomon?

    a) King Ahab.

    b) King Hiram.

4. How was the inside of the Temple lined?

    a) With cedar-wood decorated with designs of flowers and palm trees.

    b) With blue curtains and silver walls.

5. Who was going to live in this Temple?

    a) Solomon and his family.

    b) God Himself.

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