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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 3: The Shepherd Chosen to be King

The Shepherd Chosen to be King



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1. What message did the runner bring to David?

    a) "Your father is wanting you to come home for supper."

    b) "Samuel, the prophet of God, has come to Bethlehem, and wants to see you."

2. What was the solemn message that Samuel gave to David?

    a) "God has chosen you to be king over His people."

    b) "You have done well as a shepherd."

3. What did Samuel say to each of the seven brothers?

    a) "You are very handsome."

    b) "The Lord has not chosen you."

4. What did Samuel do to David after he came to the city gate?

    a) Poured oil on his head and proclaimed him the chosen king.

    b) Rebuked him and said that he should not play his harp so much.

5. Why was David chosen by God to be king?

    a) Because he was so handsome and strong.

    b) Because he had a heart that wanted to follow God.

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