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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 17: Jesus and the Nobleman's Son

Jesus and the Nobleman's Son



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1. What had happened to the nobleman's little son?

    a) He became very sick, even close to dying.

    b) He fell off a fence and broke his leg.

2. In our story, what was the name of the nobleman's son?

    a) Robert.

    b) Reuben.

3. When the nobleman found Jesus what did Jesus tell him?

    a) "I'm too busy to come and help you right now."

    b) "Go back to your house. Your little son lives."

4. What did the nobleman's servants tell him the next day?

    a) "Your son is living."

    b) "It's too late. Your son has died."

5. When did the little boy's condition change?

    a) At the very time the nobleman was talking with Jesus.

    b) After the nobleman got back home.

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