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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 13: The Boy Jesus at Jerusalem

The Boy Jesus at Jerusalem



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1. What special event did Jesus look forward to when He reached the age of 12?

    a) Christmas celebrations.

    b) The Feast of the Passover at Jerusalem.

2. How long a journey was it to the city of Jerusalem?

    a) Three or four days.

    b) One month.

3. What did Mary and Joseph suddenly realize as they were returning home?

    a) They had no food.

    b) Jesus had been left behind.

4. What did they find Jesus doing when they got to Jerusalem?

    a) Speaking with the teachers at the Temple.

    b) Crying because he had been left behind.

5. What did Jesus tell Mary when she asked Him why He had stayed behind?

    a) "You should not have worried because I was talking with the teachers about my Heavenly Father."

    b) "I just wanted to have some more fun with my friends."

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