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Know Your Bible

Level 4
Lesson 10: The First Christmas Night

The First Christmas Night



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1. Why was Mary very happy?

    a) She knew that something wonderful was going to happen soon.

    b) Her husband Joseph got a new job.

2. Which town did Mary and Joseph go to on their long journey?

    a) Jericho.

    b) Bethlehem.

3. When they tried to find a place to stay what did everyone tell them?

    a) "We have no room."

    b) "You can stay here for a very good price."

4. Where did they finally find a place to rest?

    a) In a small motel.

    b) In an empty stable.

5. What wonderful thing happened that night?

    a) God gave Mary the wonderful gift of baby Jesus.

    b) Mary and Joseph met a lot of their relatives.

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