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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 7: Moses goes to Midian

Moses goes to Midian



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1. What is the name of the land where this story takes place?

    a) Israel.

    b) India.

    c) Midian.

2. What time of day did they water their flocks?

    a) Noon (midday).

    b) Evening.

    c) Morning.

3. What was the usual custom when they led their flocks to the well?

    a) To wait until all the shepherds had gathered.

    b) To go ahead and water their own sheep.

    c) To wait for a man to come to help them.

4. What happened one day as they watered their flocks?

    a) Some rude shepherds came and drove them away.

    b) The sheep ran off.

    c) There was no more water in the well.

5. Who was sitting at the well watching?

    a) Jesus.

    b) An Egyptian stranger named Moses.

6. What happened as the rude shepherds drove the girls away from the well?

    a) The Egyptian stranger drew water for their flocks.

    b) The girls ran home to get their father to come.

    c) The flocks got away from the girls.

7. What did the father say when the girls told him their story?

    a) He said, "Those shepherds were very mean to you."

    b) He said, "Where is he? Call him that he may have supper with us."

8. Who did the unknown helper happen to be?

    a) Aaron.

    b) Moses.

    c) Abraham.

9. Who did Moses marry?

    a) One of the seven shepherdesses.

    b) A woman from Egypt.

    c) A Hebrew woman.

10. What job did Moses take on?

    a) Doctor.

    b) Shepherding.

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