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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 4: Rebekah at the Well

Rebekah at the Well



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1. Why did Abraham send his servant, Eliezer, on a journey?

    a) To buy a donkey.

    b) To pay their taxes.

    c) To find a wife for Isaac, his son.

2. What did Eliezer take with him on his journey?

    a) Food, water and beautiful gifts for the bride and her parents.

    b) Lots of camels.

    c) Abraham's son, Isaac.

3. When Eliezer reached Ur what did he do first?

    a) He got some food to eat.

    b) He had a sleep.

    c) He kneeled down and prayed.

4. As Eliezer knelt under the trees, what did he pray for?

    a) For God to help him choose the right wife for Isaac.

    b) For God to help him find a place to stay.

5. What was the name of the kind young girl who came from the city to get water from the well?

    a) Mary.

    b) Rebekah.

    c) Hannah.

6. How was Eliezer feeling when he saw Rebekah coming to draw water?

    a) He was feeling so tired and thirsty.

    b) He was ready to move on to another town.

    c) He was ready for a swim.

7. How did Eliezer decide that Rebekah was the right wife for his master's son, Isaac?

    a) If she gave him a drink and offered to water his camels.

    b) If she was a beautiful girl then she would be the one for Isaac.

8. Where did Eliezer ask to stay?

    a) He asked if he could stay at her mother's house.

    b) He asked if there was a hotel in the town.

    c) He asked if he could stay at the well for the night.

9. How did Isaac feel about the wife Eliezer found for him?

    a) He didn't like her.

    b) He welcomed Rebekah gladly.

    c) He wanted to take time first to get to know her.

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