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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 3: The Surprise Visitors

The Surprise Visitors



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1. Abraham had large flocks of

    a) donkeys.

    b) sheep and cattle.

    c) elephants.

2. Why did Abraham live in a tent?

    a) He had to move from place to place to find food for his sheep and cattle.

    b) There was no wood to build a house.

3. What was the tent made of?

    a) Canvas.

    b) Skins of animals.

    c) Nylon.

4. What one thing did Abraham and his wife, Sarah, desire to complete their happiness?

    a) They wanted to travel to Canada.

    b) They wanted a little son so much.

    c) They wanted more sheep and cattle.

5. What did Abraham see coming towards the tent?

    a) Three men.

    b) A herd of camels.

    c) A large group of women.

6. How did Abraham provide for his visitors?

    a) He gave them a bed for the night.

    b) He brought water to wash their feet and food to eat.

    c) He allowed them to rest for a short while.

7. What was the wonderful promise the stranger made to Abraham?

    a) "You will have all the food you need."

    b) "You will soon have more cattle and sheep."

    c) "God is going to send you and your wife a baby son very soon."

8. What did Sarah do when she heard this news?

    a) She laughed aloud because she did not believe it.

    b) She danced around the tent.

    c) She went and told all her friends.

9. What fact did Abraham discover concerning being kind to strangers?

    a) He had welcomed the messengers of God to his tent home.

    b) He had enough food to feed them.

    c) His tent was big enough for visitors.

10. What name did Abraham and Sarah give to their new baby boy?

    a) Henry.

    b) Isaac.

    c) Tom.

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