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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 18: Jesus Understands

Jesus Understands



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1. What was wrong with the poor man in our story?

    a) He had AIDS.

    b) He was deaf and dumb (unable to speak).

    c) He was a leper.

2. How would you feel if you were deaf and dumb?

    a) Sad.

    b) Happy.

    c) I don't know.

3. How did the deaf and dumb man feel in the crowd of people?

    a) Very content.

    b) He felt afraid.

    c) He was feeling sick.

4. When this man came to Jesus, what did our Lord do?

    a) He put His fingers in the man's ears and touched his tongue and said a long word.

    b) He told the deaf and dumb man to go home.

    c) He went and had supper.

5. What long word did Jesus say as He looked up to heaven?

    a) Honeysuckle.

    b) Eph-pha-tha.

    c) Pentateuch.

6. What was the result for the man?

    a) The man's ears were opened and his tongue loosed.

    b) He didn't have any results.

7. What did all the people say?

    a) "Let's go home now."

    b) "He has done everything well."

    c) "Praise the Lord."

8. What did the man later tell his family?

    a) "Jesus gave me my hearing and speech. How good He is!"

    b) He told them how blue the sky was.

    c) He told them what Jesus looked like.

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