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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 15: Jesus Heals

Jesus Heals



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1. Where did Peter and his family live?

    a) In Capernaum.

    b) In Nineveh.

    c) In Jerusalem.

2. Where did Jesus stay when He was in Capernaum?

    a) At the inn.

    b) At John's home.

    c) At Peter's home.

3. When Jesus came home with Peter and Andrew, who was sick?

    a) The old grandmother.

    b) Peter's wife.

    c) A neighbor.

4. That evening what did the people in Capernaum do?

    a) They had a picnic.

    b) They went to find Jesus.

    c) They went back to the synagogue.

5. What did Jesus do for the people of Capernaum?

    a) He healed the sick ones.

    b) He helped them build homes.

    c) He took them to the inn for supper.

6. What were some of the sicknesses that Jesus healed?

    a) He mended broken bones.

    b) He made lame people walk and blind ones see.

    c) He healed those with cancer.

7. What did Jesus do when He went out to the hills by Himself?

    a) He had breakfast.

    b) He talked to His Heavenly Father.

    c) He took a long walk.

8. Why did Jesus, Peter, Andrew, James, John and Philip go to the next town?

    a) To go fishing.

    b) To heal more people and teach people there about God.

    c) To go shopping.

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