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Know Your Bible

Level 3
Lesson 14: Jesus Goes to School

Jesus Goes to School



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1. Where did Jesus go each Sabbath day with Joseph?

    a) To the market.

    b) To the Synagogue.

    c) To visit their family.

2. What happened when Jesus was six years old?

    a) He began going to school.

    b) He learned to swim.

    c) He went on a long journey.

3. Where did Jesus go to school?

    a) In the next town.

    b) At the local synagogue.

    c) In the town square.

4. What were the books like that they used?

    a) They were rolls with words written on them.

    b) They were full of pictures.

    c) The writing was small and hard to read.

5. What things did Jesus learn at school?

    a) How to play baseball.

    b) How to write and how to read the Scriptures.

    c) How to play a piano.

6. What did some of the children write on?

    a) On a tablet of wet clay.

    b) In a new notebook.

    c) On a computer.

7. What did his mother Mary hope He would be able to do some day?

    a) Play the piano at the synagogue.

    b) Be the head of the town.

    c) Read out of the Scripture roll book at the synagogue on the Sabbath days.

8. Look at your memory verse. In what way can we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ?

    a) By playing baseball.

    b) By reading God's Word and going to church.

    c) By watching TV.

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