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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 9: A Wall is Built

A Wall is Built



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1. The people in Jerusalem were in trouble

    a) because there was no water.

    b) because the city walls were broken down.

2. The gates were

    a) working fine.

    b) burned with fire.

3. Unfriendly people could

    a) come in to steal things.

    b) help them with their problem.

4. The problem

    a) was easy to fix—one person could do it.

    b) could not be fixed by just one person.

5. A man named __________ came to Jerusalem.

    a) Peter.

    b) Nehemiah.

6. Nehemiah said, "The solution is

    a) to work together."

    b) to work by ourselves."

7. Nehemiah believed that

    a) God would help them.

    b) God wouldn't be interested in what they were doing.

8. The people _________ to Nehemiah.

    a) didn't listen.

    b) listened.

9. When the unfriendly people made fun of them, Nehemiah said

    a) they should listen to them.

    b) they should not listen to them.

10. They built the wall together and together they were

    a) happy and safe.

    b) unhappy and sad.

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