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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 7: Your Plan or God's?

Your Plan or God's? (graphic copyrighted by New Tribes Mission; used by permission)



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1. David wanted to build

    a) a house for the Lord.

    b) a tent for the Lord.

2. God told Nathan to tell David,

    a) "God does not want you to build His house."

    b) "God wants you to build His house."

3. David said,

    a) "I am king. I can do just as I please."

    b) "I will obey God."

4. David talked to God in prayer

    a) and grumbled to God.

    b) and thanked God for His love and care.

5. David was told that

    a) his son would build the temple.

    b) the temple would never be built.

6. David began to

    a) sit around and do nothing.

    b) help prepare materials for the temple.

7. He looked for

    a) cheap material.

    b) good material.

8. David accepted God's plan

    a) willingly.

    b) unwillingly.

9. If we are one who pleases God

    a) we will do what we want to do.

    b) we will do what God wants us to do.

10. Do you want to please God?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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