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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 6: Two Friends

Two Friends



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1. Jonathan

    a) was a prince.

    b) was not a prince.

2. To be a prince

    a) you need to be just an ordinary person.

    b) you need to be a king's son.

3. Jonathan met David

    a) when he came to the palace.

    b) out in the field.

4. David was good at playing

    a) a guitar.

    b) a harp.

5. David was

    a) a shepherd boy.

    b) a rock star in the city.

6. David saved Israel from

    a) a bad disease.

    b) a great giant.

7. Jonathan and David became

    a) enemies.

    b) best friends.

8. Jonathan was

    a) very selfish.

    b) very unselfish.

9. Jonathan was this way because

    a) he lived for God.

    b) he didn't care about pleasing God.

10. Would you like to have

    a) a selfish friend?

    b) an unselfish friend?

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