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Know Your Bible

Level 2
Lesson 17: A Perfect Gift

A Perfect Gift



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1. What were the names of Jesus's friends at Bethany?

    a) Lazarus, Mary and Martha.

    b) Lazarus, Marion and Judy.

2. Who did Martha and Mary keep house for?

    a) John.

    b) Lazarus, their brother.

3. What were some of the things Martha did to show her love for the Lord Jesus?

    a) She cooked dinner, baked little cakes and cleaned the home.

    b) She would run out and tell all her friends that Jesus was coming.

4. In the story, how did her sister Mary help?

    a) Put flowers out, placing a jar of cool water near the door.

    b) Cook the meal.

5. What did Mary do when Jesus arrived at their place?

    a) She went and helped Martha.

    b) She sat near Jesus where she could hear every word He said.

6. What beautiful thing did Mary do to make Jesus happy?

    a) She brought Him a cushion for His back.

    b) She poured her costly perfume over Jesus.

7. What did the guests do when they smelled the perfume?

    a) They looked up in surprise.

    b) They just went on with eating their dinner.

8. What did Jesus say about Mary's loving act?

    a) "You should have saved the perfume for yourself."

    b) "Whenever people talk about me they will tell the story of Mary and her gift of perfume."

9. Did you learn your Memory Verse?

    a) Yes.

    b) No.

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